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BKD Leaders Response To Racism In America 2020 – Official Statement

BKD Leaders and the Canalside Inn are deeply saddened by the ongoing series of tragedies that continually result from racism, discrimination, hate, and bigotry. Awful abuse, violence, and the misuse of force have yet again brought anguish, pain, and suffering to the Black Community.

As so often happens, the killing of innocents focuses our attention on the consequences of inequality, inequity, and injustice in America. The emerging civil protests and unrest demonstrate the breaking point of a people.

BKD Leaders believes that every person is a leader. We stand with you #BlackLivesMatter, as leaders who seek to unite towards a common purpose.

The racism and discrimination embedded in the American psyche is an obvious truth, equally destructive as overt acts or whispers of sarcasm and jokes. We explicitly reject the violence and mentality that has destroyed lives, and the resulting violence that plagues communities in the form of riots masked as peaceful protests.

Proverbs 17:17 says that “a friend will love you at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.” It is our responsibility, right here and now, as a society, as humans, to love one another as we are loved, as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Dr. Bryan Deptula

BKD Leaders

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