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I Knew I Was a Leader When…

I knew I was a leader when…. I realized I was born first as a twin.

Being number 1 of 2 the pressure was on No one could stop me from leading not even that bond. I had to learn that leading didn’t happen by waving a wand. Instead, I had to work for it and push way beyond,  What I thought was possible.

But you see that doesn’t always come easily. I wanted to prove to my friends & family that I’m a leader with integrity.

A peer in high school once told me “ You are Kristen Marson, and you need to hold your head up high. You are a leader and not even you can deny. You just can’t stand by. You were meant to fly.

In your life, you will have neigh sayers, who will kick you down. Some of your closest peeps will be a letdown. But if you take a look at the most important people will never knock you down.

I took this advice and slowly crawled out of a dark place. It was time for college and it was time to embrace. What was in store for my next chapter in this race. I’m a WWU Viking and this is where I learned grace. Not only did I fail math 101 I wasn’t comfortable in this space. My biggest fear was that I would be a disgrace.

Then one day I started to follow and found a mentor. They laid a path for me and I didn’t know what was in store. They believed in me and showed me how to be better than before. Not only was I excited to be on the dance floor, but I was ready to explore.

To my surprise, I graduated and moved across the country. This is where I put my education to practice and I started to get hungry. Hungry to lead, inspire and to live humbly.

Sure there are times in my life where I find myself in that dark hole. Sometimes I feel like a Bergen, not a troll. Then I remember, someone is always watching and I can’t always live on cruise control.

My identities are strong, I’m a daughter, sister, wife, mom, friend, and a COO. People rely on me to lead and most times in life there is no redo.

I make mistakes and try to make it right. I keep pushing though in my great fight. I was born a leader and this keeps my light bright. For now that is good night.


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