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You have a personal leadership brand. But do you have the right one? Your leadership brand is your single most important asset for career advancement and promotional opportunities.

A leadership brand conveys your identity and distinctiveness as a leader. It communicates the value you offer. You must have a clear definition of what personal branding means.

Be memorable! Be recognizable! Be iconic!

Leadership branding is the process of creating an image of yourself as a leader in the mind of others. You must believe in you own ability to make a difference, inspire others to achieve, and create value for organizations; and then make others also believe in your leadership.

Based on ground breaking research from Harvard scholars and Dr. Bryan Deptula, BKD Leaders delivers 10 simple steps to create your leadership brand. You are as unique as your leadership style and your Leadership Brand needs to stand out!

In this workshop, you will learn how to create a strong and valuable personal leadership brand that is powerful and effective. BKD Leaders develops your leadership brand to become known to colleagues up, down, and across the organization, enabling you to generate maximum value.

Your leadership brand isn’t static; it evolves in response to the different expectations you face at times in your career. You need to get out in front of what people are saying about you, and drive the conversation to create a favorable brand impression. Learn why your strengths and weaknesses do NOT define you. Go beyond what you already know about yourself to be a universal leader!

By attending the Building Your Leadership Brand workshop you will answer the following questions:

  1. Brand Identity: Who am I?
  2. Brand Meaning: What am I?
  3. Brand Responses: What do I want people to think and feel about me?
  4. Brand Relationship: What kind of relationship do I want to have with people?



In this workshop, you look at your own leadership brand, and others’ leadership brands, to determine what you are currently known for, and what to do to create your own respected leadership brand. Developing your brand is a journey, which means you will shape the future of your brand by learning the BKD Leadership Brand building steps below.

Step 1:  Reveal What Makes You Memorable, Recognizable And Iconic

Step 2: Put Your Values Up Front

Step 3: Identify And Promote Your Purpose

Step 4: Clarify Your Contexpertise

Step 5: Give People A Vision And Reason To Follow You

Step 6: Make Your Mission Matter

Step 7: Declare Your Leadership Brand Statement

Step 8: Make Your Brand Identity Real, And Test It

Step 9:  Create And Implement Your Plan Of Action

Step 10: Evolve And Grow



Organizations want leaders who embody their values, and promote employees who embody their brand promise to clients. Executives who Build A Leadership Brand differentiate the organization to employees inside and to customers and investors outside.

As a result of attending this workshop, you will answer the most important leadership question of your life.

Topic Personal Leadership Brand Organizational Brand
Leader Vision: What do I look like as my future best-self as a leader? What is the future best version of the world look like because of my leadership?


Leader Mission: What must I strive to do in every action I take? What do I need to do professionally in order to fulfill my leader vision?


Leader Values: What do I stand for? What values do my organization embrace?
Leader Purpose: Why do I want to lead?


What does my organization need its leaders to do?
Leader Goals: What do I want to achieve?


What are the organizational objectives?
Leader Target Audience: Who do I want to lead? Consider: Employees, Stakeholders, Shareholders, Consumers
Leader Priorities: Why is it important for me to lead this particular group of people?


Leader Benefits: How do I benefit from being a leader? How do my target audiences benefit from my leadership?




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