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Leading today requires being flexible and adapting your leadership style, knowing how to lead in every situation, and doing things NOW!

Everyone knows that ‘what works in one situation might not work in another situation’. A ‘one size fits’ all approach to leading is doomed to fail more often than succeed. That’s why the best leaders change their leadership style to best fit the situation, activity, and goal. BKD Leaders trains you on best practice leadership and how to become an exemplary leader in all areas of life.

BKD Leader will identify your dominant leadership style, and teach you to adapt your leadership style by using practical exercises.  Learn the 4 most powerful and effective leadership styles for growing 21st century companies. You will learn specific behaviors and skills to apply in your work role.

There are 4 main BKD Leadership Styles: Transformational Leadership. Charismatic Leadership. Servant Leadership. Transactional Leadership.


Transformers, that is Transformational Leaders, lead by giving followers a common purpose that goes beyond individual needs, in order to improve the collective future. Transformational leaders main focus is to get every employee to perform way beyond their own expectations. By creating a common bond based on similar values and a vision for creating a better future, Transformational leaders get followers to buy into their mission, causing companies to maximize performance.  Becoming Transformational requires leaders to demonstrate high moral standards and a concern for making everyone around them better. In this workshop, you will learn how to become a Transformational Leader by creating an emotional connection with followers, and investing yourself in their success. To be a Transformational Leader, you must:

  • Give individual attention by listening to every employee’s needs for personal developmental, and helping followers achieve personal and professional goals
  • Intentionally develop followers into leaders
  • Inspire others through a vision of an idealized future, by using creative language and symbols that emphasize core values
  • Encourage followers to forego self-interest for the good of the group
  • Setting challenging goals for followers (e.g., the goal of one day becoming a leader), showing respect for followers, and holding them to high standards (e.g., influencing followers to perform beyond their own expectations)
  • Set the example – Do as I do!
  • Make followers think creatively, challenge assumptions, find innovative solutions. Leaders do this by challenging followers to re-examine old ways of thinking in order to solve difficult work problems with unique and innovative ideas
  • Promote cooperation and collaboration to achieve goals


Charismatic leadership is one the most powerful forms of leadership because it creates a strong emotional bond between leader and follower. Charismatic leaders are Charmers. Charismatic leaders lead by expressing a vision of the future that challenges status quo, and they take initiative to create change. While many people may have a charismatic personality, that does not make them a Charismatic leader.

Anyone, even the most shy person in the world, can be taught to have charisma. Learn how to be seen as charismatic by making bold statements, projecting confidence, and making others believe in themselves. Charismatic leaders use stories and powerful language to compare and contrast the past with the future, stating how ‘the old ways of doing things’ cause problems while they share a vision of better ways to live and work. BKD Leaders trains you to be a Charismatic leader by giving you a framework to inspire followers, to motivate followers to team goals, and to be bold in the face of crisis.

Read our blog on what you need to do to be charismatic or watch our video on whether to be or not be a Charismatic Leader.

BKD Leaders teaches you to:

  • Intentionally focus on own self as instrument of change
  • Tell anyone who will listen about your own abilities, and convince them your vision will work
  • Be personally appealing to others, appear charming and magnetic
  • Ask for personal sacrifice from followers!
  • Make followers believe they can achieve anything


Servant leadership stresses personal integrity and serving others, including employees, customers, and communities. Every organization needs leaders who put self-interest aside for the betterment of their followers and organizations. Every organization seeking to grow must develop the unique talents of each employee, and develop every employee’s talent to the fullest. Servant Leaders can play a critical role in helping employees to realize their potential because it focuses on developing employees to their fullest potential in the areas of task effectiveness, community stewardship, self-motivation, and future leadership capabilities.

By taking interest in each follower’s unique characteristics and interests, Servant leaders bring out the best in their followers, rely on one-on-one communication to understand the abilities, needs, desires, goals, and build followers’ self-confidence. Servant leaders are role models, inspire trust, and provide information, feedback, and resources. Servant leadership differs from other leadership style in that it stresses personal integrity, trust, and a focus on forming strong long-term relationships with employees.

  • Take care of the needs of others.
  • Puts others first
  • Removes obstacles for followers
  • Supports first, directs later
  • Focused on gathering resources for followers


BKD Leaders refers to Transactional leader as Cashiers, because these leaders focus on exchanges of resources between themselves and follower as a means to achieve objectives.

  • States his or her expectations and establishes reward for meeting expectations.
  • Monitors follower behaviors, anticipates problems, takes corrective actions
  • Sometimes wait for problems then take action
  • Don’t rock the boat
  • Avoid risks


During this workshop, you will learn the full range of leadership behaviors so that can become a super leader no matter the situation.

  • Use the best leadership style in every situation
  • Increase feedback seeking behaviors and dialogue for real-time change
  • Think critically about which leadership style to use under what circumstances
  • Create leadership support system and network


  • Adapt your leadership style to fit the situation and goal

    Learn the 4 most important and powerful leadership styles

  • Practice the full range of leadership

  • Increase employee engagement + satisfaction with work and supervisor

  • Reduce costly turnover through building commitment and loyalty



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