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Be a Mentor. Change a life.

Mentoring is a skill that must be taught. Mission Mentoring is a sustainable, total mentoring development solution that includes customizable training. Mentoring is a developmental relationship in which a more experienced developer provides career and psychosocial support to a less experienced protégé. 75% of Fortune 500 companies use mentoring as a form of Human Resource Development.

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Mission Mentoring is a sustainable, total development solution that includes customizable training to create synergistic mentoring relationships. Synergy occurs when two or more people Synergy is an emergent phenomenon exhibited by groups when they “accomplish collectively something that could not reasonably have been achieved by any simple combination of individual effort”.

Watch Dr. Deptula rap about what it takes to be a great mentor.

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Watch the BKD Leaders mentoring training webinar: How To Be An Amazing Mentor

Step 1: Discovery

  • Strategic Program Objectives: Vision, Mission, Values, Goals
  • Focus of Initiatives
  • Determine Deliverables
  • Recruitment Funneling
  • Onboarding Processes
  • Establish Mentor Match Criteria
  • Measurement Criteria

Step 2: Execution

  • Develop & Implement Deliverables
  • Content Review & Approval
  • Customize Learning Portal
  • Marketing Strategy & Collateral
  • Fill Recruitment Funnel
  • Systematize Applicant Screening
  • Operationalize Mentor Matching
  • Needs Assessment: Participants
  • Deliver Training for Mentors & Proteges: Virtual & In-person
  • Training for Support Staff

Step 3: Results & Data

  • Continuous Outcome Measurement: Program & Individual Level
  • Leadership, KSAs
  • Attitude, Identity, Emotion, Well-being
  • Mentor Performance Indicators
  • Growth of Proteges’ Network
  • Job Placement & Career Advancement
  • Utilization of Support Services
  • Save At-Risk Protege: Success Stories
  • Proteges’ Openness & Readiness to Development & Support

Step 4: Sustainable

  • Mission Mentors is sustainable, transforming proteges into mentors.
  • BKD’s developmental infrastructure and program allow mentors and proteges to enter mentoring program at will and start immediately.
  • Mentors learn techniques to support several proteges simultaneously, leveraging BKD’s proprietary software.
  • Program Software reduces labor.


Mission Mentoring shows experienced executives and managers how to be ‘living data sources’ and mentors to the next generation of leaders. Leaders, Executives, Managers, and employees learn the BKD Leaders Mission Mentoring model, by providing Career and Psychosocial support:

Mentoring for enhanced career development includes:

  • Career strategizing
  • Challenging work/skill building assignments
  • Freedom and opportunity for skill development
  • Coaching
  • Promotion sponsorship
  • Job-related feedback
  • Information sharing


Mentoring for Psychosocial support includes:

  • Enhance individual competence
  • Identity development and confidence building in a professional role
  • Counseling co-workers through work-related challenges
  • Giving friendship
  • Offering personal feedback
  • Role modeling
  • Inspiring and motivating



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