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Conflict is an inevitable fact of life. Great companies know that conflict can create breakthrough innovations; so they train employees how to use conflict in productive and healthy ways. Companies who do not develop employees’ conflict management skills allow conflict to tear them apart, cause dissension in the ranks, and allow employee turnover to skyrocket.

Conflict begins when one party perceives that the other party has or will negatively affect, something that he or she cares about. 

Successful leaders learn to love productive conflict, to lead conflict for generating ideas, and to win conflict using mutually beneficial outcomes, are the best leaders. Leaders fail when they and their followers avoid conflict, get anxiety when their ideas are challenged, and shy away from expressing their true thoughts in fear of starting a conflict.

Winning Conflict workshop teaches leaders to improve the conflict resolution process by providing alternative outcomes ideas, facilitating dialogue, and setting expectations for engaging others in positive way.  In Winning Conflict, you will learn how to make ‘structural changes’ which improve social interaction among people, to address conflict where it takes place; and find short term solutions where solutions must be made immediately.

Through gaming, peer scenarios, and group exercises, you will learn how to create better social relations, and develop a creative thought process to drive  win-win results.


The BKD Winning Conflict Model:

Through BKD ‘Winning Conflict’ system, participants learn how to adapt their response to conflict, applying the disciplined art of conflict resolution to achieve the best possible outcome in any professional conflict. The  goal of winning conflict is to find a solution that maximizes the satisfaction of all parties involved. Learn to accept and welcome conflict, and to embrace the strategic approach to de-escalating and finding YES-able solutions that build strong relationships.

Use the BKD Leaders step-by-step process for Winning Conflict

  • I – Interests
  • B – BATNA
  • O – Options
  • C – Criteria
  • C – Communication
  • C – Commitment
  • R – Relationship


  • Discover your own – and others’ –  Conflict style and when it does and doesn’t create wins
  • Discover types of productive and destructive Conflicts in the Workplace
  • Recognize how your emotions create and resolve Conflict
  • Apply double-loop learning to find revenue generating wins
  • Have ‘the Hard Conversation‘ using specific phrases to disarm your competitor


Expect result. Get ROI for investing in training yourself and your future leaders. Using what they learned at BKD Leaders Winning Conflict workshop, you will return to work prepared for any conflict that comes your way, managers and executives will apply conflict resolution techniques to move past conflict quickly so that employees can get work done and be happy in jobs.

As a participant in Winning Conflict workshop, you will learn:

  • BKD Leaders step by step system for leading employees through conflict
  • How you add value to your organization by using conflict
  • How to leverage conflict to become opportunity for creative solutions
  • Real causes of conflict in teams and how to structure teams to navigate conflict successful
  • How you can grow through conflict
  • At what points in team development conflict will occur
  • When to invite conflict, and when to avoid conflict
  • Find a YES-able solution



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