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Leader Know-etry

Wooowee ya’ll
Welcome back to the school’ah
Dr. Bryan J. Deptula
It’s Free Verse Friday
So I’m about to say
Some Leader Knoetry
That is, educational poetry
It occurred to us
That we’re making a big fuss
About all these sublime
We offer free all the time
And we haven’t really explained in full
How aspiring leaders like you can use these as a tool
To become a better leader
Like St. Peter, Derek Jeter…
and they’ll even work on the mega-tweeter

Here’s what to do
To become a better version of you
If you wanna lead
You’ll need
To get up to speed
On best leader practices for the modern workplace
Make yourself a leader ace
Not just keep pace…
But be the first to finish the race
Doing that requires that you get smart
And start
Gaining some research based knowledge
Like a free college
Education without the frustration
Of wishin
That you could keep tips and tools without paying tuition

Leader knoetry
Is…and can be
There to give you
Wisdom on what to do
When you find yourself without a clue
Your challenge is complex
You need to flex
Leader muscle, get everyone to hustle
Pull their weight, no time to hesitate
Look up a BKD Leader Topic
It will expand your myopic
Understanding of what to think and how to get things done
So you rise to number 1

Free verse Friday
Is our way
Of giving free advice
It’s not just nice
Comes without a price
designed to entice
Wet your appetite for self-development
It’s also meant
To give every person the insight
How to make everyone on their team burn bright
Because we care
We want to share
Practical instructions on the go
BKD Leaders makes sure you’re in the know
Set in a super-dope flow

The lesson you’ll learn are universal
They’ll make you a better leader without rehearsal
Show everyone the things you learn
The next time it’s your turn
For leading
You better start reading
And viewing, so you’re skills keep renewing
All thanks to BKD…Being, Knowing, Doing


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