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PART 6/6 The Book Of Miracles Discussion With Dr. Bryan Deptula

Hooray!! We’ve made it to the final part of The Book of Miracles discussion! 


To finish this series, Dr. Deptula talks about one of the biggest miracles that exists in the world: kindness. 


As you go through your day, remember to treat people with kindness, and treat others the way YOU would want to be treated. When you do this, you will make the world a much better place for everyone; which is indeed a true miracle. 


If you’ve missed any of the discussions, click this link to head over to our blog where you can go back and view all 6 parts! 


We hope you enjoyed our mini series discussion on The Book of Miracles. If you have any suggestions on other topics or books we should discuss, comment or direct message us on one of our social media accounts. 

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