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The MLK Way

Celebrating the man himself gives rise to his message and cause
Who he is and what he stands for deserves applause
But…to try putting into words what he means to man kind
He, who let us all see a future of equality to which we were all blind
The king
Whose message we should all sing
From the mountain tops
To where the river drops
His voice will always ring
Yes, he’s a man
Who had a dream, much more than a simple plan
Let us not, in rekindling his memory
Forget his immediate family
Who sacrificed their father and husband
In their love for all, they were asked to lend
Him to us
To break the tyranny of racial injustice
To talk about the man also misses the point
Let all brothers and sisters remain joint
In what he stood for
Because he wanted and wants more
There’s much more in store
For everyone
Who seeks to unite us all as one
My country tis’ of thee
Oh say can you see
The effect of his words, efforts, and love
We will rise above

No longer judge another person on the color of their skin
Thanks to him, we now look within
So, to try categorizing him as leader type
Means recognizing he was beyond the hype

His thoughts continue to resonate
Pushing us beyond the hate
MotivateEvery color to participate
In the cause of equality
Without partiality
What kind of leader was he?
His personality moved the crowd charismatically
Truthfully….he said what he meant
The ultimate leader as a servant
Change was needed and the change he caused was sensational
That makes him absolutely transformational
His character without flaw
Making him the model for ethical
Agentic, Authentic,
Always his own self while preaching prophetic
Dr. Martin Luther THE King cannot be boxed into a pedantic discussion about leader categories
His life created allegories
He leadership was transcendent
Because it blended
Every…. quality…that should be
Known to everyone who attempts to lead
Stand tall using his creed
For people were willing to bleed
For what’s right and fair
And we all share
In our responsibility
To fulfill the dream that he made us see

Live Diversity!


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