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To Be or Not to Be Charismatic…An answer for leaders!

This is Leader Know-etry dedicated to the men and women in our armed services
Created: Veteran’s Day – 11/10/2017

Today is Veteran’s Day
And it’s time we say
More than “Thank you for your service!”
Because of these brave people, we’re not nervous
To visit the mall
or go to a town hall
Walk in our streets… or in a park
Whether it’s light or its dark
Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines
A vet knows what it means
To put God and country first
We should be so full of praise that we might burst

Today is Veteran’s Day
Every vet is a leader who shapes the way
Americans work, live, and play
We are safe because of your sacrifice
Vets pay the ultimate price
Willingly… headfirst into danger
A stranger..
In a foreign land
So at minimum… we can offer our hand
And band
Through times of peace and stormy weather

Thank you on veteran’s day
Because of vets we get to celebrayyyyte
4th of July
With burgers, fries, whiskey and rye
Thank you, service people
Because of you… we can worship in a synagogue, mosque, and steeple
Thank you, military
Because of you, life is less scary
It’s the burden of protecting us that you carry
Selfless, chivalrous, pillars of our community
Our thanks goes out to thee

It’s veteran’s day
You are role models of the true American way
A life of commitment
Lugging heavy equipment
Through land, air, and sea
Our vets ensure Americans’ pursuit of life and liberty
Their specialty…
Is collecting hearts and minds
My hope, today and every day, is that every vet finds
Someone who shows loving sentiment
Not resentment
Look to each great past president
Who set the precedent
To thank all vets for everything they do
To make this world safer for me and all of you

Today is Veteran’s day
Every single one of us… must say
With heartfelt love and affection
Thank you, vets, for your protection
We are here for you… as you are for us
Leading, humbly, without a fuss
You, Vets, are the reason
The eagle flies high…season after season
And, on this day
It’s time the rest of us say
Something more than “Thank you for your service!”


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